Curated list of OSINT tools.

Curated list of open source intelligence tools and resources. Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is intelligence collected from publicly available sources.

πŸ“– General Search

The main search engines used by users.

πŸ“– Main National Search Engines

Localized search engines by country.

πŸ“– Meta Search

Lesser known and used search engines.

πŸ“– Specialty Search Engines

Search engines for specific information or topics.

πŸ“– Visual Search and Clustering Search Engines

Search engines that scrape multiple sites (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Goo, etc) at the same time and return results.

πŸ“– Similar Sites Search

Find websites that are similar. Good for business competition research.

πŸ“– Document and Slides Search

Search for data located on PDFs, Word documents, presentation slides, and more.

πŸ“– Pastebins

Find information that has been uploaded to Pastebin & alternative pastebin-type sites

πŸ“– Code Search

Search by website source code

πŸ“– Major Social Networks

πŸ“– Real-Time Search, Social Media Search, and General Social Media Tools

Social Media Tools

πŸ“– Twitter

πŸ“– Facebook

πŸ“– Instagram

πŸ“– Pinterest

πŸ“– Reddit

Tools to help discover more about a reddit user or subreddit.

πŸ“– VKontakte

Perform various OSINT on Russian social media site VKontakte.

πŸ“– Tumblr

πŸ“– LinkedIn

πŸ“– Telegram

πŸ“– Blog Search

πŸ“– Forums and Discussion Boards Search

πŸ“– Username Check

πŸ“– People Investigations

πŸ“– E-mail Search / E-mail Check

πŸ“– Phone Number Research

πŸ“– Expert Search

πŸ“– Company Research

πŸ“– Job Search Resources

πŸ“– Q&A Sites

πŸ“– Domain and IP Research

πŸ“– Keywords Discovery and Research

πŸ“– Web History and Website Capture

πŸ“– Language Tools

πŸ“– Image Search

πŸ“– Image Analysis

πŸ“– Stock Images

πŸ“– Video Search and Other Video Tools

πŸ“– Radio and Podcasts Tools

πŸ“– Academic Resources and Grey Literature

πŸ“– Books and Reading

πŸ“– Geospatial Research and Mapping Tools

πŸ“– News

πŸ“– News Digest and Discovery Tools

πŸ“– Fact Checking

πŸ“– Data and Statistics

πŸ“– Web Monitoring

πŸ“– Bookmarking

πŸ“– Startpages

πŸ“– Browsers

πŸ“– Offline Browsing

πŸ“– VPN Services

πŸ“– Note-taking

πŸ“– Annotation Tools

πŸ“– Writing and Office Tools

πŸ“– Slide Show and Presentation Tools

πŸ“– Digital Publishing

πŸ“– Newsletter Tools

πŸ“– Digital Storytelling

πŸ“– Infographics and Data Visualization

πŸ“– Image and Photo Editing

πŸ“– Productivity Tools

πŸ“– E-mail Management

πŸ“– Document and Reference Management

πŸ“– PDF Management

πŸ“– OCR Tools

πŸ“– Cloud Storage and File Sharing

πŸ“– Web Automation

πŸ“– Dashboard Tools

πŸ“– Wikis

πŸ“– Collaboration and Project Management

πŸ“– Communication Tools

πŸ“– Calendars and Scheduling

πŸ“– Mind Mapping, Concept Mapping and Idea Generation Tools

πŸ“– Social Network Analysis

πŸ“– Privacy and Encryption Tools

πŸ“– DNS

πŸ“– Other Tools

πŸ“– Threat Intelligence

πŸ“– OSINT Videos